Panel with the control application.


DIN TH35 rail adapter for FIBARO modules.

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The euFRAME panel with the control application makes it possible to control the smart building system (e.g. lighting, air conditioning, heat recovery, gates, blinds, alarm) and to present information in public buildings — names of rooms, meeting topics and agendas, booking.​

Imagine that you want to use the application installed on your smartphone or tablet, but when you want to close the blinds or adjust room temperature, your system management tablet battery runs out or your children play with the tablet.

When designing euFRAME, we have solved this problem. By placing the tablet running the Smart Home application in the euFRAME panel, the smart building management station has a single, fixed location.

As of today, you can control smart homes conveniently and quickly.

The panel is designed for use in homes, villas, apartments, condos as well as hotels, training and conference centres and rooms.


DIN TH35 rail adapter for FIBARO modules

Are you looking for a professional way to install FIBARO modules on DIN TH35 (TS35) rail?
euFIX means adapters for FIBARO modules. It helps you to install and maintain system which require mounting FIBARO modules inside a distribution board.

Dedicated euFIX types for various FIBARO modules
euFIX is available for the following FIBARO modules: FGD-212 FGR-223 FGS-213 FGBHS-213 FGS-214 FGS-223 FGS-224

Choose if you need buttons
All euFIX adapters are available in 2 versions: with or without buttons.