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Provided with integrated smart building systems.

Why Eutonomy?

Rapid prototyping innovations

We are rapidly adapting to the market needs. We create new innovative products that complement a range of smart building solutions.

Unique solutions on the market

Thanks to our operation flexibility, we create custom-made solutions.


300+ prototypes

We have developed and implemented over 300 prototypes of devices; we are changing the world of home automation.

Trainings and webinars

Together with our partner, FIBARO, we organise professional trainings and webinars for both smart home installers and users.

Video manuals

We show you how to use, install and operate Eutonomy products in the form of intelligible videos.

Check out our YT channel.

Solution descriptions

We publish descriptions of best solutions, tips and best practices on a regular basis.


Knowledge base

We describe examples of practical application of our products, inspire to implement better technical solutions.

Technical support

If needed, we provide technical support in cooperation with our partner — FIBARO.




We work with customers from several dozen countries around the world. Our products are intended for industries and people involved in the design, installation and operation of smart building systems. See feedback from our customers:


With Eutonomy products, we have been able to complete interesting projects in which FIBARO modules can be professionally and conveniently installed in a breaker panel. We always use Eutonomy adapters with buttons so that our installers can benefit from the simple diagnostics!

Robert | Benelux



For a new project, we have been looking for a solution enabling installation of FIBARO modules on a DIN rail. There is only one reasonable solution on the market — Eutonomy. I also strongly recommend iPad wall docking stations, as this solution ensures that the tablet perfectly fits the wall. In short, perfect products that we have included in our portfolio.

Ronald, installer | the Netherlands

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We are proud that the Eutonomy improves the quality of life, work and rest for smart homes users, installers and manufacturers. See descriptions of practical applications of our products.

euFIX, DIN TH35 rail adapter for FIBARO modules

Failure? It is not a problem. Check out troubleshooting and repair methods.

When installing the building management modules side by side using cable ties, you might encounter a problem because connectors are inaccessible, descriptions and stickers are invisible, modules are difficult to align (they twist), it takes a long time to find the...

Easily expand your smart home system.

Do you wish to expand the existing smart building system with new devices? You want to add new devices to the already operating ones, e.g. so far, the building has been equipped with a smart monitoring and lighting system, and there is a need to add additional...
euFIX, DIN TH35 rail adapter for FIBARO modules

You can immediately identify the system component controlled with the particular module.

Installation of FIBARO modules with cable ties has many flaws. Whenever you need access a selected module, it is necessary to check at least a few of them, reverse them and then read the marking. This may be burdensome. euFIX adapters make it much easier. Once the...
Eutonomy Forum

Eutonomy Forum Goes LIVE!

Our Forum starts running on Monday, 14th December, 2020 at noon. Key information: The Forum will be run only in English. We would like to facilitate simple and convenient communication for all users, installers and enthusiasts of both Eutonomy products and the FIBARO...