The unique docking solution for iPad
Elegant, carefully designed and esthetically pleasing
Decorative frames made of highest quality mineral composite material available in many colors
Special design of euFRAME allows perfect alignment of the tablet with your wall
Ergonomic and functional
Designed to be simple to install and use
Extremely useful
Designed for use in hotels, conference and training centers as well as in homes, apartments and residences - to control all of your building’s intelligent automation systems, including Apple HomeKit, audio-video, and general purpose presentation of information including photos, meeting agendas and others

Designed for use in hotels, conference and training centers as well as in homes, apartments and residences


euFRAME securely holds your iPad

Unauthorized iPad removal can activate local alarm (loud buzzer) or activate alarm system (e.g. Satel, Paradox)

euFRAME decorative frames

The ESSENTIAL Collection

  • Includes five colour designs: Bleached Black*, Stone, Ivory, Desert Sand and White
  • These are natural colors of the highest quality mineral composites we use to manufacture the frames

Please note that specifically Bleached Black is not a “uniform” color - it can show lighter discolorations (especially along the angled planes) natural to this porous material somewhat resembling aged or oxidated material. Such discolorations are not subject to complaints and will not be treated as faulty goods

The INDIVIDUAL Collection

  • Is intended for those of you who want the decorative frame to match your interior colours in a unique way
  • Upon request, we can provide a frame in any colour from the RAL/NCS palettes
  • Just give us the number and we shall do the rest
  • Individual painting and varnishing is available in two options: MATT - matte or SEMI-GLOSS - semi-matt colors, slightly glossy. Please be prepared to wait up to 3 weeks for dispatch.

Choose your favorite colour from Essential collection

  • White

  • Desert Sand

  • Ivory

  • Stone

  • Bleached Black


Supply voltage:
110 – 240 V AC, 50–60Hz
Power consumption:
max. 14 W
Input current consumption:
0.35 A/115 V, 0.2 A/230
Inrush current:
30 A/115 V, 50 A/230 V
Box dimensions:
299.7 x 182.9 x 49.1 mm
Frame dimensions:
315.4 x 192.4 x 4/6 mm
Type of walls:
solid brick walls (made of concrete, bricks, etc.) and cavity walls (made of drywall or wood)
Overheating and overload protection (triggered when load current exceeds 2.5A)
Alarm sound:
89 dB at 10 cm
Operating temperature:
0°C to +50°C
Relative humidity:
≤90%, no condensation
Degree of protection:
Alarm output current:
max. 120 mA, RON=2.2 kΩ
Detection of approach:
Step adjustment: Normal 60 cm, High 1 m