euFRAME panel


The euFRAME panel with the control application installed on a tablet make it possible to control the smart building system (e.g. lighting, air conditioning, heat recovery, gates, blinds, alarm) and to present information in public buildings — names of rooms, topics, meeting agendas and bookings.​

Imagine that you wish to use the application installed on your smartphone or tablet, but when you want to close the blinds, adjust temperature, control lighting or play music, your system management tablet battery runs out, you cannot find the tablet or your children play with the it. And you have left your phone in a remote room. When designing euFRAME, we have solved this problem. By placing the tablet running the Smart Home application in the euFRAME panel, the smart building management station has a single, fixed location. You don’t need to unlock it or search for the application — euFRAME is always charged and ready to work.

As of today, you can control smart homes conveniently and quickly. The panel is designed for use in homes, villas, apartments, condos as well as hotels, training and conference centres and rooms.

Why to use the euFRAME? ​


euFRAME ensures the smart building management device has a fixed location. It is handy whenever you need to e.g. close the gate, close the blinds, adjust the temperature, activate the heat recovery system, control the lighting in the building.


With the charger built-in in the panel, the tablet is always charged and ready for use. You can forget about situations when you want to activate the alarm and you cannot use the device because the battery ran out.


Fixing a tablet in a panel prevents damage to the tablet during use, which extends its service life and lowers the cost of the tablet over time. ​


You choose what you need — you don’t need to run apps, “tap on” menus and navigate to the right room.


Thanks to the euFRAME, the tablet is perfectly flushed with the wall, does not protrude and works well in villas, homes, hotels, congress centres. It meets customers’ requirements for high quality interior furnishing.


With the built-in sensors, the tablet wakes up automatically as you approach it when you want to control your smart home. ​



The euFRAME panel can be connected to an alarm system. It also has a built-in Hall-sensor that detects the presence of a tablet and, when removed by an unauthorised person, activates a loud alarm and opens the sabotage contact that can be connected to the building alarm system.

This feature is very useful for installing tablet docking stations in offices, hotels, and public facilities. ​



The colour of the frame can be exactly as you want it to be. You can adapt the look of the workstation to match the colour of walls, furniture, and ambient. You can choose from classic, custom, high gloss or matte colours. After changing the style and colours, the decorative frame can also be replaced with a different, matching colour.​

The euFRAME panel is a unique docking station used for the flush mounting of Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and S3 tablets supporting smart home control applications.

euFRAME set:

The euFRAME packaging includes:

1. Flush box with fast charger, proximity sensors and tablet presence sensor.

2. Bezel with hole template, protecting the box during plastering and painting works.

In addition, you can also order:

Dummy tablet to be installed for the commissioning period.
 ESSENTIAL Collection frame colour templates.

euFRAME panel i box

Choose your frame


  • The ESSENTIAL Collection is a range of five classic, timeless base colours that fit every room: Bleached Black*, Stone, Ivory, Desert Sand, White.
  • These are natural colours of the highest quality mineral composites.
  • Available at the time of placing the order.

* Bleached Black frames can show natural discolourations and brighter areas due to the structure and porosity of the material (sometimes they may resemble “washed-out jeans” and cannot form the grounds for the complaint). Installers can order colour templates.


  • The INDIVIDUAL Collection is intended for those of you who want the frame to match your interior colours in a unique way.
  • INDIVIDUAL frames are manufactured upon request. They can be made in any colour from the RAL palette. Pink, Gold, Silver? Just specify the colour number upon placing the order and we will do the rest.
  • Painting and varnishing can be ordered among the following options: MATT — matt colour, SEMI-GLOSS — semi-matte colour or slightly glossy.
  • The lead time for INDIVIDUAL frame is up to 3 weeks.

Bleached Black



Desert Sand


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